Everlasting & Dried Flower Accessories & Floral Decorations

Handcrafted Long Lasting Floral Accessories

Real flower accessories for weddings, maternity shoots, boho house decoration, birthday, hen do and more...

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  • We Only Use Preserved / Dried Real Flowers

    We never use artificial or faux flowers.. All are natural, come from the nature..

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly

    Not only flowers. We send our beautifully handmade products with EFC certified fully biodegradable tissue paper and kraft box.

  • Fast Shipping

    They are mostly made to order. But it doesn't mean you wait for long. We get them shipped in 3-7 days.

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  • We Offer Bespoke Design

  • We Ship Worldwide

  • We Only Use Natural Flowers Which Last For Year

  • We Use Eco-friendly Packaging

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About Casa & Flores

Hellooo 😊

My name’s Merve. After 7 years of category
management experience in e-commerce, I changed my career into floristry and finished Professional Floristry Course and certificated in 2018. And then moved to Brighton and started running my dream business Casa & Flores. in 2020. I design & handmake all the items in my home studio. All the flowers I use are preserved & dried real flowers. They keep their beauty and colour for years. We also do ecofriendly- sustainable packaging. Registered Lucid - ReClay recycling in Germany.

We ship worldwide. And also offer bespoke / custom design.

For enquiries, please use the message section or simply email at casaandflores@gmail.com